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Avocor is a leading manufacturer of interactive touch displays for the collaboration display market.

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Avocor H Series

H-20 Series | 4K Pcap LED Interactive Displays

The Avocor H Series has a premium feel that will enhance any meeting room, and the technology needed to accommodate high collaboration in hybrid workspaces Ensure every in-person and remote interaction provides a natural and intuitive meeting experience with the Avocor H Series, the perfect solution for organizations that demand both a luxury aesthetic and a high performing functional workspace. In the hybrid work era, the H Series excels in corporate settings with its sleek design and advanced touch technology, enhancing collaboration among remote and in-office teams. Its easy installation and FUSE-powered remote management streamline IT operations, while diverse connectivity options ensure seamless device integration. The addition of Montage and Rise Vision transforms idle screens into dynamic communication hubs, keeping all team members engaged and informed, thus embodying a versatile solution for modern corporate challenges.


AVH-6520 | 65″


AVH-7520 | 75″


AVH-8620 | 86″

H Series Datasheet

H Series Datasheet

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