Republished from the original AVI article - Nov 27, 2023.

Latin America. Exertis Almo closes a successful 2023 in Latin America, thanks to the fulfillment of all the goals that had been set to serve the region in this year that ends.

Gisela Ramírez, global sales director at Exertis Almo, told AVI Latin America that “This year was a great success. Everything we wanted to do, we did. We are now with the Miami warehouse, which allows us to have local inventory. We have our team now with more staff. We are with the line of credit plan for customers. We reached our goal, which is now going to help us prepare for 2024.”

The company’s new warehouse and offices in Miami are the answer to the growth that the region is experiencing. The goal of a larger space is to keep inventory only from Latino customers. They can ship the same day as the order, customers can send their agents to pick up inventory, the idea is to facilitate the market and continue to grow.

Another aspect that they are betting on in the Latin market is a line of credit for their customers. He explained that “we are offering ample credit of 60 to 90 days for special projects. We work with our customers and our bank to be able to support. The idea is growth. We are trying to do our part to make it easier for our clients to do projects and grow. We have an internal job of expanding the lines to be able to help with this support.”
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Regarding the most outstanding markets in the region this year, he highlighted the countries of Central America and the Caribbean, where they have always been strong. In addition, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador have joined.

Finally, Gisela Ramírez concluded that “I think we are going to have a lot of growth in 2024. We want to be more present, do events together with our customers so that they can have the opportunity to show the end user the technology. We have a lot of internal support to be able to grow in Latin America and we want to increase our team. And we have the resources.”

Richard Santa, RAVT - Editor
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